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    1. MrBeast

      Unsubscribing and resubscribing doesn’t do anything. My total sub count stays the same lol

      1. Boris Gleichmann

        ...unless you unsubbed before 2021

      2. ADY marzok


      3. itzduckydoge

        just make lots of alts XD

      4. Supahot Fire

        MrBeast come on do it

      5. Ness.C

        That was my first thought

    2. David Anderssonn

      I feel bad for the kid who sits at the desk with a ps4

    3. Lou Santiano

      It pains me that there is no mr beast in my country

    4. Diamond Skulls

      Mr Beast giving away money Well this is normal

    5. Abbie Roberts

      _in loving memory of MrBeast's bank account_

    6. Johvanna Castro

      Mrbeast: I dare you to bankrupt me. Me: Is that a challenge.

    7. Trenton taylor

      To day is my birthday 🥳🎉

    8. FLICK

      7:28 the poster looks good

    9. NoJoke

      Yoo Broo!! I got an idea for your next challenge. Biggest Human Chess turnament. That would be so cool to watch! =D Never seen such a challenge before.

    10. Jack Attack

      I'm here because he hasnt posted in two weeks😢😢😢😢😢

    11. Kearstin Aspray

      Auto correct * cruel *

    12. A H


    13. Kearstin Aspray

      I want to get notified and texted by Mr. beast but I won’t be 13 in two days why coral world why😭😭😭😭😭

    14. Jdude animations

      Mr beast is going to change his logo

    15. IAN meme gamer

      Oh ya i forgot to ask what/who was your first subscriber?

    16. Benj1710_

      Stop subscribing so much I can’t spend all the money -Mr beast 2021

    17. mr. editzz -_-

      The most educational thing on earth Chris:PS5....... Karl:wheelbarrow

    18. Kayla Graham


    19. Kearstin Aspray

      I am saving up money to buy Murch I’m at $11 but my parents needed it so Now I’m at four but it’s ok also Mr. beast you are my idol and you practically are the only reason I’m here today so thank you so much

    20. LIBKKSHOP li

      I sub you long time ago.

    21. Wynx _

      That one kid who faked sick the day his friends all get ps5s and Macs lmaoo

    22. Abhijeet Shende

      Please donate some money Indian UNICEF

    23. Bnyamin YT

      I love you

    24. Nazneen Saheer

      I am a 4.something crore subscriber.Didnt get cookies that time!

    25. CallHourn

      Channel's teddy bear

    26. Khertgamer 123

      Holy sh*t mr beast do be tall tho

    27. Shara Bangate


    28. Naut van Andel

      The kid with the ps 4 belike:

    29. Durpy Burp

      Bro this is a win win situation lmao

    30. Nathan And Jen Smith-Harris

      well my. Cousins Jake show me you

    31. Discord Media

      Man I want redmi 9T So Bad

    32. Excelent Tapost

      Mr beast idol❤❤❤im from the philipines❤❤❤❤

    33. Nathan And Jen Smith-Harris

      and my mum

    34. Op Nepali gamer boy


    35. toar tassyam

      go MrBeast

    36. Antey Man

      I wish I lived in America now

    37. Multi Kpop Stan

      Just subscribed! Proud to help donate at least 10 cents! 😂

    38. Andi Kharisma

      Mr.Beast is the best

    39. Hedvig Anna Ottosson


    40. Hedvig Anna Ottosson

      Du är rik

    41. Jetro Zhean Bautista

      Can i join your team Jimmy:(((🙁🙁 I subscribed you since 30Msub

    42. Hedvig Anna Ottosson

      Pokemon kort

    43. Ratanang Thusi

      Am in South Africa

    44. Ratanang Thusi

      I subscribed can you please give away something to me

    45. haszlina haimid

      Malaysia Isa Isarb

    46. To_Thousand2000

      Yay I’m worth 10 cents

    47. DominaterZ XZX

      I did subscribe

    48. Derrick Kamin

      Mr beast I hope I can meet you

    49. Samurai Gammer

      wow can you give me ps5

    50. Tab anmey

      Sasageyo sasageyo shino wu sageyo

    51. TGF_flame 123

      Me:making more accounts

    52. Gabriel Sigua

      mrbeast? do you answer on instagram? my name there is same as here

    53. PacketLost

      every student accept the dump ones are going to return the macs and buy actual laptops

    54. GamerLegendHJ

      Can you please uploaded more

    55. Seb Kardas

      I actually play rogue company

    56. Kitty Cat TRM

      I'm already subscribed what are ya talkin bout

    57. Kitty Cat TRM

      I see you've done a challenge with GreatMoonAroma

    58. Jayrajsinh Jadeja

      Beast OP

    59. Choco Loko

      Mr beast plss help Homeless people here in Philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 i love you mr Beast🔥🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌

    60. Alfiejpaul Milbourne

      I have subscribed

    61. PewDie Pie

      What’s up beast

    62. Seetha Lakshmi

      Mrbeast have you have girlfriend

      1. PewDie Pie


    63. SyNc IceD


    64. xx_Icewolf86_xx

      So that Best Buy just happen to have all those playstations while it’s still out of stock online 😔

    65. Mayukh Dutta

      Guess what being a subscriber you can be a millionaire lmao

    66. Jim Khongsai


    67. vikas gupta

      i really did a ps5 but i have no social media accounts except a discord and i gave up on giveaways a long time ago but i still love your content


      There is a note on the wall

      1. PewDie Pie



        @PewDie Pie Haah Its just a dollar🤭.

      3. PewDie Pie

        What it says

    69. Gokul Jadhav

      Paisa hi paisa

    70. Jim Khongsai


    71. Stars on GFuel


    72. Kristaps Šalkovskis

      If i neēd to i will🤣🤣🤣

    73. SVS experiments

      Love from india ❤️

    74. mohammad danyaal

      me: subscribe to mr beast mr beast:stop the cap me: where's the money

    75. Twich TV Kitty

      Beast are u broth with chan

    76. Mr Ryan Gaming

      Wow I am worth 10 cents it will good to now 😂

    77. Ejay Guira

      mr.beast i just got subcribe yesterday

    78. Aiden Skyler Tan

      Where is your location of your house

      1. PewDie Pie

        🙄 he won’t tell you

    79. Abz 2018

      Mr beast come to UK

      1. Abz 2018


    80. HoneyBear Games


    81. Claude Dexter

      I play Mobile legends plix sent skin.. I just subscribe now

    82. JuicyGamingSquad

      lets just admit that theres no way to make this guy poor XD

    83. PINOY MIKE

      I just subscribe to your channel MR.BEAST ! 😊👋

    84. Harry Harvard Taylor

      this content is the stuff we need

    85. CarterTIP

      Anybody els notice Squidward cosplaying as Annie

    86. XxNiko9 YT

      Idol are you really giving away some money inswa in fb

    87. Orange Juice


    88. Dexlord 2008

      i want merch but i cant afford it

    89. Nicklas Jensen

      when do you do the 50 million special so

    90. BJUN TV

      Hi MrBeast, I am from the Philippines and I really want to taste one of those MrBeast burgers. Hoping you can read my comment. 😍

    91. CallMeChloe

      Who is ur first subscriber?

    92. Mbali Ndlozi

      Please come to SOUTH AFRICA 🇿🇦

    93. Micawan

      Come to Australia 🇦🇺 or let me open a mrbeast burger joint :)

    94. Random Dave

      This channel should have its own movie 🍿 Its literally a beast!

    95. T3K Scarecrow

      MrBeast really takes “no Card, only Cash” to a whole ‘nother level

    96. Cristina Cazares

      I would of been bawling my eyes out if I received amount of money what the 😅😭

    97. music world never stops

      Please provide me a predator laptop

    98. Aarnav Raikar

      Your birthday and my birthday is on the same day

    99. AwakeYT

      When will Fortnite sponser Mrbeast