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    1. MrBeast

      Unsubscribing and resubscribing doesn’t do anything. My total sub count stays the same lol

      1. Technoblade 1

        Thats good actully

      2. Ayden Roachens

        Mrbeast for president so we can get ps5’s woooo

      3. Bereshit Mejia


      4. Shane Gaming Productions

        sad boi

    2. Shayan Shahid

      Can you give me

    3. Noah Ridenour

      I press

    4. Ghulam Rubani

      Can you give me i need a laptop

    5. Muhammad Den

      Help how ned it's swer of good I need Mr beast help

    6. Ghulam Rubani

      I press

    7. Arii Krii

      6:27 THAT IS SO CUTE

    8. •{Solar_Flare}•

      I wonder what the police might think seeing a green box full of 30,000 dollars behind someone’s car

    9. mouriceGame


    10. Kevin Gårseth

      Can you do this in Norway ? 🥺🥺🥺

    11. rayyan 8thhokage


    12. Axedimitri12YT


    13. Wart POG

      My net worth is 10 cents let’s go!!!!!!

    14. Treyvn Jensen

      I'm a Chris styel

    15. Erick John Parico

      Mr beast please help me sir for my tuition fee pls mr beast help me

    16. Androx Tv

      Congratulations for the 60 Mil

    17. Coe The GOD

      I subbed now

    18. Reanna's World

      Hope you will notice me sir I need some help because of pandemic

    19. Majestically Maya

      I’m in Atlanta!! Where can I find you!! Lolol such a pure blessing

    20. Landon Hamilton

      If he threw his wallet at me I would probably die

    21. [*-Silver Moon-*]

      Let's all appreciate that Mr beast has changed so many lives for the better💕😌

    22. Ady YT

      Am I getting it hehe greetings from balinese (BALI) DEWATA ISLAND

    23. CMdairy


    24. Mehedi Hasan

      Good MrBeast

    25. Joran gegar

      Mrbeast kan you play roblox

    26. Killuas Waifu

      300B to pay ;)

    27. Flora Gonzales

      Yea he spending money but saving lives🙏

    28. Christian Angkasa

      You heard the man bankrupt him

    29. Conor O'Sullivan

      So I’m guessing you can only get Beast Burgers in USA, right? Oh.😥

    30. trippy_cherry

      I love the way karl laughs

    31. hi bye

      Well he has 60 milion now so I guess he gave away 1.000000$

    32. VioletBlocks

      Mr beast new name mr bean


      I don't even have a ps1

    34. Marvel Forever

      Where does he get all those duffle bags

    35. fun story's

      Rogue is a rippoff from r6 btw

    36. neilbryan racelis

      I love every content Mr beast

    37. Austin Miller


    38. game_guy

      Please please please please please please please please please please please please

    39. Noblesse_Phantasma

      Sad story exists Mr. Beast: Aww that’s sad, but cry later, be happy first

    40. S e r i z a w a ಠಿ_ಠ

      i'm from Indonesia🙌


      SO CLOSE TO 60 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!


      Jimmy ur my idol😂

    43. Kupa Kupa


    44. Emery Galbreath

      i subed

    45. Lendon Trenilla

      Much support in phillipines

    46. Born To Paracord

      I love you mrbeast

    47. Jeremy Cunningham


    48. Lendon Trenilla

      Mr beast

    49. Ariel Ramirez

      Did anyone see the money on the walls and between the TV when he gave money in the green box?

    50. RANA DHALI


    51. funny pranks


    52. Ps2Ww Gaming

      Find your oldest subscriber give him money

    53. Shadow King

      1000$ me 😭😭😭

    54. fernando nerves

      How to win I want to win for my family


      I'm Filipino hoping to help my family here. I hope u see this comment sir😭🙏

    56. NeonYT

      Fun to watch and more fun to watch him help people

    57. Lucas Miguel V. Castillo

      Mr beast nag sub oko sayo

    58. Danika Elzahra

      7:29 that green sign is dirty

    59. Sk Shabir

      Want beast burger in india

    60. volkano

      I wish I had a xbox lol but I have so yeah

    61. maram ail

      i didnt know this was in 2021

    62. Oliver Cohen

      Because it won’t let me sub🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭🥺🥺

    63. Oliver Cohen

      Are you going to give any thing to your 60 millionth Sub

    64. Plus

      I miss when Rogue Company had a huge player base 😪

    65. rae sremmurdz


    66. king thamuz gamer

      I want ps5....done subcribe

    67. Tracy Pinshow Navon


    68. Tracy Pinshow Navon

      So close to 60 mill

    69. Neepa Zeeshan

      Wish me beast gave me one window 10 gaming laptop

    70. Unknown

      Best HUgetsr Ever Beast

    71. Justin Rnb


    72. Maren Beck

      Mr beast

    73. Kahman Apps

      You are the coolest

    74. Mangal Hembrom 11F 02

      Man U r Rice help me 🥺🥺🥺

    75. Rebhi Ram

      I want ps 5😭🤧🤧🤧😭😭😭🤧

    76. one spot


    77. one spot

      If I get monetization I will be happy

    78. one spot

      I am from india mr.beast help me

    79. one spot

      Hello mr.beast can I get ur help

    80. Devil


    81. Ved567


    82. {• Fluffy Foxy •}

      You are so kind!😇😇😇

    83. LøliChëêks

      Hi im a sub

    84. Allysia Brown

      Mrbeast come to 204 Poplar Street

    85. Mo4life221 _

      Let me get a ps5 lol

    86. JWhat619

      I got the beast style and really liked that but the real surprise was the beast style seasoned fries. those things were awesome!

    87. Fauzia Hasan

      6:28 look at back😀

    88. Fauzia Hasan

      2:44 he is punching him😂

    89. Chloe Gauthier

      hehehe Good teddybear chandler

    90. Chris Saucedo

      Kind beast

    91. MELVXN

      Actually imagine being that other class who didn't get anything

    92. Abdullah Asif

      I am gonna make more account just to subscribe to Mr beast.

    93. priscilla gurule

      Tomorrow isn't promised

    94. Felix Not a cat

      5:49 I love the sign on the wall 😂

    95. Muna Morain

      I always wanted a PS5 or PS4 i don't even have😓

    96. Connor FREDRICKSON

      Mr beast burger

    97. Oscar Plascencia

      Whare is my money

    98. Freckles44


    99. MegaLuffy101

      Bro where's my ps5 🤣