Why I Haven’t Been Uploading


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    This took way too long...
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    1. Brod1elav94

      Well now I’m going to definitely buy a shirt on November 1st... Sorry Jimmy

      1. Justin Parker

        He sold it

      2. Daniel Rivera


      3. Christian boys Christian

        Sub to mr beast or u get no cookies would you really risk no cookies?

      4. OOFYCRAFT

        wow dud 190k lieks

      5. CatCrazy

        The king liked it🔥

    2. Op Nepali gamer boy


    3. Jesse Vicino

      I would buy a shirt my parents said no sorry I love your videos

    4. XEstrellaX

      Poor Jimmy he signed all these shirts For us I’m gonna buy his a hoodie

    5. samoya gouldson


    6. Eli Thomson

      Are none of us gonna talk about how good his signature looked with his left hand

    7. Thinh Nguyen

      I’m sorry MrBeast

    8. •Peachy Dreams•

      My brother got his signed by chandler

    9. Yujeong Lee

      Mr. Beast! You are the best ever! I want to help you, but it cant happen. I am already tired after signing, writing my name on 10 pieces of paper! You are AMAZING!

    10. Eva

      He still signing-

    11. The Golden Fun Media

      I think he forgot his own sign Maybe

    12. Maths Zone

      Love from India

    13. DemocraticPatriot Hurrah!

      I think Jimmy deserves the medal of honor for this masterpiece and purple heart too, i understand how much pain that was jimmy im sorry, your the best youtuber and i cant stop listening to the theme song, your theme is is beautiful!

    14. Christian Alonzo

      Hello Mr. Beast, I am a great fan of yours. And I hope that you notice this message and hoping to help me to buy a Motorcycle for my Job travel.

    15. Nart Çerkini

      Hell no

    16. Aburehe PomPom

      I got it

    17. Aman Mandal

      Mr beast

    18. IT's Pia

      No body just cares about the people who unfolded the shirt for Mr. Beast and then folded it back and packed it 70000 times!💔

    19. Hitomi Takahashi

      oh no jimmy!

    20. Jonathan Lim

      I was so confused why I got a #1. Now I know why

      1. Noelle ALVAREZ

        no way you got a #1 ?!!!!

    21. Jacqueline Foley

      Mr Beast: I only singed 6,000 shirts Me:I can’t even fold my entire laundry

    22. LiLi Puddin'

      Mr. Beast is one awesome human

    23. REAPER


    24. The Big Brick

      This should have been posted now...

    25. food is the best

      So this is why I haven't been uploading 2

    26. Mama's Profile

      oh my Gosh , am I one to have thanks idol , never mind if tired as long u will finish that signing n give me heheh love you idol

    27. Pete Hatch

      Whats for 60 mil? O.O

    28. The Gamer

      I got it

    29. Dylan 2015


    30. Niculescu Laurentiu


    31. Niculescu Laurentiu

      Mrbeast u crazy

    32. Madeleine Lara Angel (ma1104)

      when you signed the first shirt, you said 70,000 more to go. Does that mean there are 70,001 shirts in total?

    33. Q Skillz34


    34. Q Skillz34

      I got it

    35. GamerStyle 787

      Your a real King MrBeast

    36. {pastel-party}

      there was no ding 🥺

    37. Brittany vlogs

      Ayyyy dude I got the one with a 1 😂😂

      1. Noelle ALVAREZ

        someone already got a #1

      2. Tech Kid

        I bet you did

    38. Big Dragon

      The intro really made me think it was one of those serious videos when something happens

    39. Vishikh Tech

      mr beast can you give me a gaming pc bro because i want to be a gamer and can't afford it. love from INDIA.

    40. Devin Lin

      Wow beast

    41. k dub

      I feel so bad.

    42. Simon Breen

      Anyone e else here to see who got the shirt with the one on it

    43. Gold experience Requiem

      why didnt you just use a stamp

    44. Urooba amir

      Hey jimmy is there any shirt left

    45. Sheep comrade adam

      I got the one when he sigh it with his white marker

    46. Geet Chavan

      the things he dose for us i luv u

    47. Mohammed Alarifi

      Thank you for getting tired for us but I want you to stop doing this but it’s your decision but I’m jus telling you

    48. not use anymore

      I cant open the link

    49. not use anymore

      How to buy it mr jimmy??

    50. Zan tunguia

      The blooooooooooooppppp

    51. Emmanuel Francis


    52. Erin Kelly

      Your the best I can’t belive you Did that we all love you

    53. Keegan Smith

      You’re the best and I did buy a shirt


      i want a shirt pls send me one

    55. Sam fishing

      I want one

    56. Tiegan Lin

      jimmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy -chris (all the time)

    57. Adam VanWert

      I got it

    58. {•Crystal Raindrop Girls•}

      2:45 he started tearing :(

      1. Rafael Oliveira

        No he didn’t’t

    59. Pr. Pwabloion


    60. Hogeon Shin

      he really worked

    61. Hogeon Shin

      I forgive you

    62. Eliyah Manson

      The plain atom selectively meddle because persian neurochemically irritate notwithstanding a various cinema. right, ill grandfather

    63. Iman Ahmad

      I feel bad we need to get MR beast somthing special buy all his stuff well....he signed so much

    64. 1

      how are you?

    65. Vanessackl Barrettlgi

      The yielding drain virtually listen because pharmacist decisively gather among a superb stopsign. meaty, quarrelsome backbone

    66. LUSTROUS AsMr

      I can’t sign one my hand don’t support

    67. Susan Knowles


    68. lolopo guy's


    69. FartingSteve


    70. Ian jo kishor


    71. Ian jo kishor


    72. Eter Gogichidze

      I Love your smail

    73. parrotify

      I got the First one OMG

    74. Lil_Dizzyii

      He sold it

    75. Emma Pay

      I got it

    76. Paul Neumann

      I got the mr beast shirt ayyy

    77. Zen Ify

      Give him a break guys :(

    78. pribinerd tutorials

      can yu buy an acc on minecraft java because i wanna play hypixel please🥺

    79. Steve Bailey

      I got it!

    80. Manas Kesarla

      god daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn boiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    81. lil_treyway

      Hi fishy army

    82. carrie vince


    83. Jayden Gonzalez

      thats alot

    84. Jude Jameson

      i got the shirt

    85. Coolman Gaming


    86. felicia gross


    87. your fee bed

      I got first one thanks Jimmy

    88. Emma Halstead

      I feel the pain in my soul

    89. Saie Vichare

      I tried to buy one but I am to late 😂😂

    90. BHooM VR

      Imagine people bought 4,000,000 shirts and he had so sign it. oh no XD

    91. Jamb team

      yeaaaaa good content

    92. Bobby hepburn


    93. Anas Adan

      Thankks so much

    94. Zachary Stephens

      Crazy he hit 40 million 5 months ago

    95. Apocolyptic


    96. Ar. Abhijit Gaulkar

      I keep thinking about the backstage people and that they had to fold these manyyyyyy tshirts

    97. Earl Nocete official-Buddy

      Thats a beautiful effort at all..🥰🥰🥰

    98. marzo17

      I bot it