I Survived 24 Hours Straight In Ice


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    i borderline went crazy about 17 hours in...
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    1. MrBeast

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      1. widarspdna wid


      2. GodLyy

        Im subbed

      3. funtime 17

        I can survive 48 hours

      4. mini kla


      5. NightMare TheDemon

        L i e s

    2. ImBored

      I'm tired

    3. omar games

      #6 pee's

    4. Anees Basheer

      jimmy ; shut up

    5. Op Nepali gamer boy


    6. Vishala Amichan

      I love your videos

    7. mundeesund


    8. Jason Cunningham

      Mr.Beast: I have my own spy and the boys don't even know... Shhh Me: HEY GUYS, JIMMY HAS A SPY

    9. Yourpal Mistery

      He’s mister white Christmas he’s mister frost.

    10. Gokul Druthwik

      24 hours am I right Jimmy ?

    11. Louis Barbe

      i fell so bad for you

    12. Louis Barbe

      i think 24HOURS

    13. Yeet

      I’m Canadian so it’d be easy

    14. Maria Glaiza

      0:18 '' hrrrr''

    15. Karen Wang

      I feel bad for Jimmy

    16. Kathryn Dehart

      I think u spent $1,000,000

    17. Rumi Dewan

      People said that spelling icy was hard to spell but I c y

    18. Shadows Channel

      You should have put them next to a Chick-fil-A idk if that is the right spelling but yeah ok thx if you read this hope you have a great day

    19. nicole senn

      $50,000 dollars

    20. kait6271 kait6271

      was it 300000 dollars u spent?

    21. gaming with bill Polk

      you spent 15000

    22. Stacey Allinger


    23. Mohammed Billah

      Sow funny when chris put his but on the ice

    24. GameDJYT

      Just another day In beaver mountain...

    25. Tr!x Playz

      Ice ice ice ice ice ice ice

    26. Bren B


    27. Guilherme Selig

      What car key is that?

    28. Sachie Engelberg

      The nebulous fog gradually boast because bolt presently open via a pink jar. temporary, gainful beast

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    30. matt waldman

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    32. Helena Moran Armenta

      10 00000000000000000000000000000

    33. De'Marion Miller


    34. Matty Keates

      Ice is cold 🇦🇺

    35. Radvin


    36. estella coleman


    37. Aliza N.T

      MrBeast in 2031 : I gonna buy an iceberg

    38. King Siege

      30,000 grand

    39. hg boy

      Este wey paga por vistas me imagino, el contenido es una mierda.

    40. Logan-Scott Riley


    41. Aiden Birks

      Did it cost 290,890? By any chance

    42. John Wick

      probly spent $4500

    43. John Wick

      super cool ice house

    44. Very Important Beats

      Tell me where you get money bro

    45. jasperino 211

      mabe 900 and 10?

    46. AimerMini

      To make the punishment more funny they shoulda done it infront of a kfc

    47. Malak Mohamed

      Done I subscribed

    48. Zada Garcia

      your going trun into forsty the snow man

    49. Brian Solis

      Btw morgz copied your idea

    50. No Name Lol

      The jacket was for his DOG pinkie

    51. RobloxxxGivewaysss

      I watched this 4000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times

    52. AwakeRacoon06

      I think u spent a lot of money for da ice

    53. Jassim Mohammed Al-Wazan

      I am subscribed

    54. Keren Jewel Dullesco

      More blessing to your yt and business... helping poeple more.. thanks for the good content at im very happy to watch you guys

    55. Kenzi Ayad

      Bet i did

      1. Kenzi Ayad

        Two channels

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    57. Christian Alonzo

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      What!!! Omg

    60. Aman Mandal

      Mr beast

    61. Mighty Wolf 67

      I sub so give me my money

    62. Alexander Greenwood


    63. Miguel Terrado

      Mrbeast: I'm gonna stay 24 hourse inside ice. Captain America: Son, you've got a long way before breaking a world record.

    64. Cruger93k

      GGs editor

    65. Shree Gosavi

    66. Josh :3

      i want to see wim hof do this

    67. Sir_Fox-_-

      2:10 I think u spent 300k $

    68. Ashleigh O'Neill

      70 000

    69. 321Objects

      cool challenge mrbeast ices make me cold hots make me enjoy a summer hot

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    71. Gray Joe

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    73. MrChaseyFace

      0:06 Baby....bum bum bum ba da dum dum

      1. MrChaseyFace


    74. That_Pan_Chick

      Chris struggling to close a car door for 15+ seconds is probably my favorite clip of him ever 😂

    75. LiLi Puddin'

      Imagine having that much willpower 😳 17(?)

    76. maya ibrahim

      5:07 DISGUSTING

    77. Gamer Kitty

      I did

    78. Kady Adams

      You spent 30000?

    79. Chris Is Bored

      Subscribe to Mr Beast!!

    80. Robert Gioielli

      I thought 1000054421

    81. Tarrance Sullivan

      This man just had a hoodie I would have been stacked with clothes.

    82. Erika Gandarilla

      omgg must be cold

    83. Connor Still

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    84. Connor Still


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    88. Kelly Wakeham

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    89. Universal Infinite

      i devour ice but bite it first, i might devour the ice house itself and whats inside

    90. The black King Mitchell

      Cutie pie I’m disgusted by this contact

    91. henry cook

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    92. Ardor

      I Survived 24 hours Straight in “Jewelry”

    93. Lazaro Gamer

      24 hours

    94. The Frosty Clan

      who waching in 2022

      1. Tyler Smith

        2021 lol

    95. Bloxy GatorRaid

      Jimmy: suffering from the cold Sub Zero: how hard can it be

    96. mohammed ilyas

      $65 for a champion sports hoody witha few tags added,,the same hoody.s go for 12quid here in the uk or you can get them for a fiver during the sales.

    97. Ramon Salmon

      It looks so cold and so freezing

    98. Elisabete René

      You in grenn screen