I Gave People $1,000,000 But ONLY 1 Minute To Spend It!


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    1. MrBeast

      Subscribe right now and you might be picked to be in my next video! (its epic)

      1. Trill angel100

        Pick me plz!!

      2. daks smith

        how much do you wanna bet?

      3. Karen Bowman

        I subscribed a while ago bro you have gained so much lol it is epic

      4. Iwa Andi Erwin

        Okey bosku 🙏

      5. shaambhevi M viii radiant

        Ok I wish you would come to India chennai

    2. 张梁


    3. AhmadElham WQ

      I am so poor i am in Afghanistan 🇦🇫 pls help me bro I need an iPad Pro 4

    4. Op Nepali gamer boy


    5. Caleb Barthelus

      I just started watching Mr.Beast and I’m loving it!!!!

    6. Nick the Aspie Writer

      How tf is this quality content

    7. Maximilian Übelacker

      Do you have infinite cash??? XD

    8. Sammy 3

      What are you? A Rothschild ?

    9. Alexandra Brooks

      Dont you have any gift for us the Africans down here

    10. Telly Brinkle

      Come to Nigeria and do this bruv!

    11. Gamine Mokamio

      Yo I read diary of the wimpy kid deep end it was good

    12. Zeenat Kaleem

      Come to India bro😂

    13. DakoldstKID

      straight up dope keep making these

    14. Summer Ingram

      Please me

    15. Ella Garner

      kind of expensive!!!!!!

    16. Sofia P

      Imagine being his friend

    17. Alex

      Simply amazing..

    18. Kenny Kash Beatz

      My Guy⛽💨💨

    19. CH SHOIB


    20. Troy Kalasim Tausem

      I wonder where you get those ideas.maaaann you're so cool💛

    21. Daniel Rodriguez

      Visit here in philippines hahaha

    22. moba rokie

      Mr.beast. the best 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

    23. The Super Steel

      When you realize mr jimmy IS mr beast!

    24. Tommy Srsich

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    25. Robin Vineet Persie

      Well I wish I was lucky as other substances and win a ps5😭. Love from india @mr.Beast 🙏🏼

    26. Alex Norman Jonas

      how much money do you have lol

    27. ana ramirez

      Can you send me a pair of Yeezys

      1. Kurt Secret

        Read his "about"

    28. MasterStorm Gaming

      I will just put all the money in my bank account



    30. Shivani S.H

      Mr Beast Is just Following Jejus Rulles

    31. Papyrus The skeleton

      Can I please have 100000$ my family can’t even get a TV

      1. Kurt Secret

        Read his "about"

    32. Afrin Sultana

      Mr.Beast deserves to be the president of the world

    33. Anthony Acosta

      Chris went nuts with the controllers in Walmart

    34. Nazrul

      Wow 🤤

    35. Maplewish

      read warriors cats

    36. Vandron Gaming

      i will spend all of your money in 30 seconds

    37. Z3ROSHARK


    38. Krithik Gudivada

      Mr beast come to India 🇮🇳

    39. Flavia Tobio

      Why did you do this

    40. Ava_bugzzz A

      Hi 🙋‍♀️

    41. 3-North

      yeah right

    42. MrZero

      Me : i buy 999 ps5

      1. Bod-7

        Are you Really that obsessed with PS5? lol

    43. Deanna Sutherland

      I feel soooo sorry for these cashiers😂😂😂

    44. star kamateson

      I'm so enjoy watching you giving other people its help a lot,hope you pick me also even I'm so far from you,hehehe ,I'm from Philippines if you pick me its help our family during this lock down

    45. Blossom Hill

      Mr. Beast, you should check out a firework store called Neils Fireworks in Travers Rest SC. It is an awesome firework store and see who can buy out the whole store. 2653 US-25, Travelers Rest, SC 29690

    46. Ada Cookies

      Mr best I love you

    47. Tupac

      I need iTunes cgift cars

    48. Kadr Vezelen

      I would have just touched the store

    49. A Window


    50. A Random human

      But how do we know he was Chris’s dad 🤔

    51. Avtar Singh


    52. Triple M

      I cried about every time someone cried

    53. الروقي ا

      والله يامستر بيست مفهم هرجك لاكنك مجمل ربعك الحميه عندك مليون

    54. M.B.R Rainalter


    55. navnech namoc


    56. Bilal Izaz

      why didn't the guy just get in the first car, drive to the lambo, and get back-_-

    57. iiTsCosmozz YT

      Vote MrBeast for earth leader

    58. Earn Together

      great work keep it up

    59. Jeannie Kiess

      yall are awesome!

    60. Audrina Jade


    61. Hype

      3:28 BRO FOR REAL🤣🤣🤣🤣

    62. revilo tv

      Can i have one car jimmy? Hehehe

    63. marsha walker

      That would be great but Im never that lucky!

    64. darkjump773

      I REALLY REALLY wish i got a credit card from you or even met you or get money i wish

      1. Kurt Secret

        Read his "about"

    65. darkjump773

      I liked and watched ALL of your videos plssss

    66. darkjump773


    67. Very Important Beats

      Tell me where you get money bro

    68. fs DEAN

      Am from pakistan 🇵🇰

    69. Couch Potato

      Mr beast please notice me. Im from philippines

    70. George Butoi

      YOu are a saint you should me the best person in the world i love the stuff you do.

      1. Kurt Secret


    71. M G

      Hi can someone Subscribe to me

      1. prodbymst

        of course

      2. M G


    72. Mark Rochester

      mr beast is mr best

    73. Mark Rochester

      omg it would be the best thing in the world to me if i could be in one of your videos even just for 5 seconds

    74. Abigail Davis


    75. •Red berry•

      I wish I can compete but I don’t know where he lives ;-; and yes I’m child lol

    76. Earl Balucan

      Hope you come here in philippines ☹

    77. Jamie Spaulding

      What made my day was the teacher, that was awesome.

    78. Fury777rdi gamer

      How do you get money

    79. DARK FF

      They all are fools,if i was there than i buy whole store 😂😂

    80. technoArc

      9:52 is his hand bleeding

    81. ROM LUNDY

      eifel tower is beast

    82. August Tonkovich

      Mrbeast: can we just have all your labtops? Worker: ummm yeahhh

    83. Joti Mahesh

      ho my god ways money comeing 😮

    84. Arvan Rajab

      Hello mrbeast

    85. Tijani Alhassan

      MrBeast I need u in Ghana West Africa

    86. Evan Clemons

      OMG best keep up good work

    87. Recto John

      Hope you come in Philippines

    88. June Paquera

      How i wish i could have all that stuff wish u where here in the phillipines and u choose me ...😊😊😊

    89. {_Toxic_GliTcH_}

      Mr.beast in 2329:whoever to leave mars will win mars

    90. {_Toxic_GliTcH_}

      I-i-i vote mr.beast for president

    91. Kakarröt

      Yo Drake you seeing this?! It's called "Beast's Plan"

    92. VN5 ZUBAIR

      Come in pakistan bro you are best❤️

    93. Alex&Jackie Tulloch

      This is so amazing i wish i was in tham game


      Y can't you come to India to my house

      1. Kurt Secret

        Because his busy

    95. David Mateescu

      6:39 the luigi moment

    96. christian timbas

      Tanginaaa mr beast payag na akong maging kabet mo shet HAHHAHAHAHHA pwede den anak anakan

    97. Benjamin Hume

      Why can’t I get that.

    98. youness ay

      جيد يا صديقي😉

    99. STAY TUNED

      Hey jimmy come on man plzz give that $800000 dollar so I can buy gems from clash of clans

      1. Kurt Secret

        Read his "about"

    100. st bossman

      This GPS is bigger than my Tv at home.. that is hilarious😹