Last To Leave $800,000 Island Keeps It


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    1. MrBeast

      Subscribe! I’d hate for you to lose money because you forget lol

      1. Amanda D'Alessio


      2. Alecgamer16 - Random

        ok I will do it if I must

      3. Hi lol

        I have subcribe too both of your channell😉

      4. hotmilk


      5. hurxcan ay лол ک


    2. Valentina Simanovskaya

      Poor Carl

    3. Op Nepali gamer boy

      Hello bhai

    4. Samantha Foss


    5. Edward RITCHIE

      Chandler is the best

    6. Jaiden Chahal


    7. Catherine Glover

      I’ve subscribed

    8. frx. _ns

      Man i wanna see chandler family seeing chandler won this entire island cause they never choose chandler to win

    9. Edgar Sim Zheng Xing

      Chandler: *wins* Government: Is it for me?

    10. Berkant Tastan

      karl has no more buck on his life hahah

    11. Alfonso Graniel Carrillo

      chandler is the type of person to lose a challenge cause he's hungry

      1. Alfonso Graniel Carrillo

        ok what the fuck, chandler won??

    12. Nathan R

      Hey Jimmy you forgot to say beast hacks in when the Challenge of the subscriber stuff

    13. draggonsteelman_user


    14. Bailey Wong

      Who else wishes they could BE Mr.Beast so they can BUY EVERYTHING IN THE 🌎 O:

    15. nikoy Rona

      Last one to stay on the Ocean keeps it👁️👄👁️

      1. ProX CreationS




    17. The MashPit


    18. Chleavon Lynch Tamayo

      I love your videos Mr beast

    19. polar

      voting for Jessie what simps

    20. Lunatic Cultist

      First win?

    21. Joshua M. ZAMORA

      Poor Karl

    22. Joseline R

      You wat a bad time

    23. Shaymum Hasan

      So funny

    24. elvis zuko


    25. Leyla Harden

      Karl never wins anything :(

    26. Megan Thomas

      Have a date night

    27. ARGG

      One there watches survivor on tv?

    28. Olalekan Afeez

      Hello Mr Beastttttttt

    29. Drino zhao

      The salty saw nationally enter because loan finallly drip of a neighborly success. hoc, wholesale litter

    30. Ian Snyder

      You are bad and mean

    31. IWillR3kY0u

      16:37 I clearly see 6 pins on the ground there

    32. Cesar Alan

      i feel bad for carl

    33. Cesar Alan

      im joking

    34. Cesar Alan

      chantler sucks

    35. Kayla Houck

      Screw you Tyler is the best HUgetsr ever

      1. Philippines

        Screw you why are you commenting on this and being mean FOR NO REASON

    36. Ariana McNamara_27

      imagine i lost an entire island for a fart sdhbfyudewhueghuw

    37. Jiyar Kavian

      9:42 thats so much simping

    38. Rebecca Hall

      me and chanchan gonna chill on are $20k ostriges on boats circling the island

    39. Rangerwolf's Fishing

      You put the one woman against a whole bunch of men

    40. help me

      1:59 "i wanna die" i agree

    41. Natalie G

      i wish it was karl :/ he is the best

    42. Nepstrius GT

      12:23 12:24 Huggies (:

    43. XxRAMENboixx :

      Poor karl but congrats chan chan

    44. Kolt Van Ness

      I am pretty sure this is drama island ;-;

    45. Smol Pupperino

      Legend says this is where chandliers ostrich is

    46. WT Football weekly

      Yes chan chan

    47. Mahendra Gawas


    48. Jules Stachura

      I mean, did the last paper say "Chandler?" Because if so, Karl won...

      1. Jules Stachura

        @N8yaM8 Okay thanks I wasn't sure

      2. N8yaM8

        It did say Chandler, but Jimmy said whoever he chose, would win. He had to change it up because it was the losers who had to vote who would lose

    49. Tine Onsrud

      I did hope Karl wil win cus he Did never win i hope Karl will be ok and he Can win somthing

    50. AnaMarie Escribe

      I am subscribed pewdiepie

    51. Jane Vila

      yea chandler🎉🎉🎉

    52. Antonio Funderburg


    53. Christian Alonzo

      Hello Mr. Beast, I am a great fan of yours. And I hope that you notice this message and hoping to help me to buy a Motorcycle for my Job travel.

    54. Hristo Businski

      I subscribed yesterday

    55. Emilie Binley

      13:31 was so intense

    56. Thevansa K

      i find chandler funny

    57. ww.chxrrycm

      Next: Last to leave earth keeps it

    58. Cay9nine

      12:23 ay yo....

    59. Valsa Matthew

      I wish I was Mr beasts friend

    60. Meant for games

      You should have used mrbeast reacts as the 3 channel

    61. Aman Mandal

      Mr beast

    62. Matei Iftodi

      I LOVE your vidsssss

    63. Mark Angelo Gervacio

      hi or hello hello

    64. lyrics mo

      It so much fun

    65. dabsterz

      The flowery shallot perplexingly collect because pocket booly program beyond a overrated man. upbeat, shiny open

    66. klyrics

      Nolan picked two

    67. Zao Wu

      His life is gone even though he lost his own game

    68. NG YU TONG Moe


    69. Logan Qureshi

      i counted 5 votes for carl

    70. Kao Saechao


    71. Kao Saechao


    72. Bumgummy

      imagine losing an island to Chandler does this mean Karl is worse than Chandler?

    73. Owen Batts

      got mad sorry

    74. Declan Watson

      I sometimes wander how chandler doesnt get seriusly sunburnt

    75. Tabitha Woods

      This is literally an episode of total drama

    76. Discovering famous Youtubers

      This is just What do i've to do to get on the game show?

    77. Chris F

      I feel soooooooo bad fur Karl

    78. Paul Hioki

      bro im pissed chandler won by luck

    79. Block81838 Earth

      Bowling master

    80. Tuesday Hanley

      I can’t believe Chandler won wow

    81. Noah Dubois

      I would have kicked me beast from the island with that gold coconut

    82. Oscar Llmas

      Tyler:the beef isn’t worth it Votes Karl right away

    83. Astro penguin

      I need $320

    84. Julia Galvez


    85. Clumsy And Blurr Things

      Ohhhooo! I am so happy for Chandler🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    86. Maurice Green

      2 tylers

    87. Clumsy And Blurr Things

      No matter what Nolan is selling the Island!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    88. Quincy Face

      Poor Karl

    89. 先輩D-SS

      8:30 when there is a last slice of pizza

    90. Kyrinth

      is nolan trend crave

    91. Kylan McCall

      I thought of the wrong slept

    92. Ben Smit

      yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees chanler

    93. Dragon tamer

      karl is dum

    94. Trodriguez


    95. Tuck Dawg

      I didn’t want Nolan to win because he just wanted to sell it

      1. hi there

        Cause he didn't have a choice

      2. hi there

        Well, Chandler sold it anyways

    96. hi there

      From 2:01 to 2:05, Little did Chandler know that he's the one who's gonna have to sell the island in the end. Time is a funny thing

    97. envii

      I always have to turn my volume down SO MUCH, these vids are just SO loud

    98. Moxitplayz

      chandler is the best

    99. Y Yilmaz

      hey mrbeast im look for a job could i join your job ?