I Built The World's Largest Lego Tower


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    I didnt think they would actually build that high lol
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      1. Galaxy Unicorn

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        Lies i tell you. However, good content

      5. Ea Westway

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    2. Op Nepali gamer boy

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    3. MemePotato

      My mom: Buys me a PS5 Me: 0:28

    4. TheDumbGuy

      7:45 tareq could have died

    5. panda jr Game playing

      I have subscribed

    6. Marvin de junior

      Jimmy I love everything about you

    7. Gojira the king kaiju

      Imagine how tyring that would've been oh my God dude

    8. Big Boi

      8:18 someone is playing fucking blue Bird in the back respect ✊

    9. Alex Roblox

      Pewdiepie with 100+ million dollars Mr.beast with 100B+ dollars

    10. marZstarZ aka Michelle Kaul

      this would be a fun center of gravity problem...let me know if you need to get rid of legos - lab supplies are valuable to nerds!

    11. Matthew Cranmo

      I love Mr. B’s

    12. Mr Man

      carl concrete carl concrete

    13. Spazzing Out


    14. Herobrine Plays

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    27. janzen Fernandez

      Dang karl y u being rude to jimmy :D 10:54

    28. Aman Mandal

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    29. Marcusian Aviation

      I thought the height limit is 256 blocks

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      where's mr Beast in the worlds richest mans list

    45. DepressedPotato

      I built the biggest duplo tower

    46. Johan Cedrick Jaraya

      Is it raining at night?

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    54. NFL Crackers

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    55. mohammed go

      Love ur vids in videos peple say u are bad

    56. Crazy Vaquita

      Build the largest Jenga tower

    57. Zachary Cherry

      booo on chirs team

    58. Danu

      just kindding it was a glich i wanted to say twisler but it made say twins

    59. Danu

      damn might be twins 😆

    60. J K P

      haha "subscribe or I will steal all your Legos"

    61. Kriv_playzz

      7:45 OMG

    62. Kriv_playzz

      3:49 that is so smooth

    63. Amanda Cardwell

      I Watch your videos every day

    64. The Epic Panda4

      Dang, thought it was Lego, it’s duplo, still entertaining though!

    65. Sky

      This guy looked similar to the mc of the good doctor 4:07

    66. Rainbow God507

      8:18 who listening to blue bird?😂

    67. Johann France Garcia

      Mr. Beast are so reach :0

    68. TheGame Moments

      Build us some house too Youre so inspiring

    69. Yakoub Aly


    70. Yakoub Aly

      They’re gonna make a tower of hours

    71. Armeen Rezza

      Chris noooooo 50000

    72. Spyrogaming

      gift me a car pls haha

    73. igloojo

      8:17 Weeb?

    74. fast lane

      Cheaters never win

    75. Everett Turman

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      mrbeast what doyou mean back luck

    77. Matthew Garcia

      all of them are working hard chandler sleeps he wakes up and now Chanler and Chris building: Mr beast: "I built the worlds largest lego tower"

    78. Preston Cole

      If you wanna see the falling tower well it’s at 7:45

    79. Chayse Sanchez

      Anyone else at 8:16 hear blue bird from naruto?

    80. Vishnu Juvadi

      Can you even go in space

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    84. Jacob Jackson

      they were playing blue bird at 8:17

    85. XSD3M0Nkiller7 7

      Damn Carl chill 8:24

    86. Brayden Schlosser

      Karl is a nerd

    87. Dainius Abočius

      8:18 anime mood

    88. Mr J Harden

      Anyone else hear the naruto music lol 😂

    89. Heather White

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    92. Brosnan Stanley

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    93. kunthy sovann daly

      Is Karl the youngest person ?

    94. kay notfound

      stop. Chandler is so sweet-

    95. Sudo9hu vang

      0:01 Did you spend all that time trying to bury yourself in legos?

      1. kay notfound

        im sure it didn't take that long

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    97. Chambless and jackson Bradley

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