Would YOU Rather Have A Lamborghini or This House?


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    1. MrBeast

      Subscribe and you could be in the next would you rather!

      1. Annalisa Goelst

        Can you plz do me i have been waiting for this moment for my hole life

      2. SxcJoker Gaming

        Can I work with you as my career

      3. Eren Bilmiş

        Ever visited Turkey or planning to?

      4. Charlie Games

        With you

      5. Anna Wehmeyer


    2. SUPER BEE

      From Bangladesh 💙🇧🇩

    3. K Seibert

      MrBeast 2070: Would you rather own North or South America

    4. Roblox Gaming

      Karl: I never have done a arm ressle Chris: what did you do as a kid Karl: paint my nails

    5. D&E Station


    6. JP De Villiers

      The last guy deserved more, looked at his face man.

    7. Nicholas Humphrey

      He needs to visit the caribbean

    8. amiroff vlogs

      muchachi manyano 😂🤣😎🎉🎉🎉🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇿🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇸🇺🇸

    9. Faith Huepenbecker

      I love mr beast I hope I can get a shout out or maybe even in a vid

    10. Omar Idriss

      Karl: im a stiky boy

    11. TheMrLoxton

      Spongebob car needed sponge bob and Patrick.

    12. Austin Pickering

      8 months later. How is ur work out carel?

    13. Nathan Stamper


    14. Rifat Alvi

      Please give me one laptop please

    15. Seven Backwoods

      a car or a house u don’t know the car u don’t know the house that’s a great concept lmao

    16. -sᴀɴᴅᴡɪᴛᴄʜ

      *Karl: "I'm a sticky boy"*

    17. Abhinay Chettri

      Mr beast 6000

    18. S Avilli90

      Woooow. Is this actually real ☠️😱. I want to play 🐥😅💜

    19. S Avilli90

      I would take the house and sell it. Buy something better for my parents and two cars 😅🤣

    20. Victor Restart

      I subscribed and come to the brazil please

    21. Z Gaming

      Hello mr beast from india👍


      9:08. Bruh

    23. Devil Demon

      The house bc I can’t drive

    24. brockstuff

      Bruh cool collllllllllly

    25. Coleman Porter

      I really really want to be in one of mrbeast videos I'm subscribed

    26. egg


    27. Carl-Gustav holsøe

      imagine him getting a almbotactor lol

    28. Josephine Pietersen

      I am one

    29. Zero two

      Your hand and a lot of money

    30. Kiera G

      YOOOOO- WHY DID HE NEEDA SAY "its a tight whole ;)" MY GUY- I CANT LMAOOO

    31. Senada Bandara


    32. Idk what to put here.

      I'd have none because i dont need a house and i dont need a 10000$ car because the one i have is good enough for me.

    33. Tech Ahasan

      I'm also a Subscriber 😒

    34. Spring derpy 4

      Orlando. is. a. phsycic.

    35. Dhanushka Rajasooriya

      Mrbeast perfect channel .it's awesome .. comments from sri lanka..🙂

    36. Cody Woof

      Them those dodgeballs that have that vicous wind curve man youd throw it straight and it curl and hit the pe teacher

    37. beck

      At this point Jimmy is just giving out money

    38. Candy Rush AscendedPhoenix8

      one house please 😄😄😄

    39. Niño's vlog

      congrats scripted vid done

    40. Norma Barreda

      I really wish I could play

    41. -Dead Abbie-

      Mrbeast in 2069: Buying the whole world *INSANE*

    42. gengar army


    43. luke armstrong

      please get me on your veido

    44. Azmat Ali

      4:52 omg chandler 🤣🤣🤣

    45. Friday night funkin boyfriend and ghost

      I want to see more of this

    46. Niraj Panchal

      Subscribed 🌈

    47. Erik Castro

      Please let me join mr. Gris cuz I want

    48. Tembo - Yunus

      17:00 after that me watching every mr beast videos

    49. Johncraig page

      Mr beast can you pick a person from the philippines? I really love to watch your all videos .

    50. RCMgem84


    51. Hunt3r

      4:52 TWEEeE

    52. Abner The basset

      Please help me

    53. Ali Astafa Raza

      When chantler punched YOU I farted

      1. Ali Astafa Raza


    54. Fredrick Williams

      Awesome man I wish I was that lucky. Great videos

    55. Dante Cade

      I wish I could do this...

    56. Golla Jagan

      Sir Ur Great

    57. White

      Mr.Beast in 4008 Destroying mars and surprising aliens with a new one

    58. Anthony Belser

      ME name is Anthony Belser and ME Would ABSOLUTELY Love to be on ONE of Your CHALLENGE VIDEOS...

    59. thelegend

      ImA sTiCkY b0i :)

    60. Hadiyah Shahid

      And pls can you come to dubai

    61. Hadiyah Shahid

      I subscribed

    62. Bn Bn


    63. LachieOverLord

      A 3 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms is insanely small dude kekw

    64. Sheila Fal

      would choose the house too, cause as the guy said, pp work really hard, + than half life just to be able get one .

    65. dorie monsang

      Mr Beast is the best he is handsome , intelligent and the best youtuber I have ever seen

    66. Baby flo Bo

      fuk cluk

    67. richard tinker

      I want The tractor

    68. Tanvirul Islam

      I rather have money to make a good career

    69. Alan Banh

      Houses gain value over time whereas cars lose value over time.

    70. Sevak Singh

      7:09 look at the boy or girls eyes

    71. Paige Heppner

      Chris:Wow Karl sucks at arm reselling Me: wooooooooooow lol

    72. How To

      My god why 😓

    73. How To

      Why 😭😭😭

    74. How To

      I cant because I am in another country

    75. youssef ahmed

      If every single person in the world had that pure heart that Jimmy and his crew have the world Will be a better place, Allah bless you brothers ❤ ❤

    76. Hectik king9

      Me beast is amazing

    77. Minecraftgameradamplayz

      good? or no

    78. Animals Can Speak

      I'm subed

    79. Sam Jennings

      You really make a difference. Keep up everything you do

    80. amanda smith


    81. Alex Kariuki

      please mr beast

    82. Alex Kariuki

      am so desperate

    83. Alex Kariuki

      can i join you please

    84. Ariel Harris Jr.

      Thisnn be is asking you for your help

    85. DcCrisis Gaming

      Mr beast thank u for what u do I'm a 16 year from Colorado and I enjoy u helping giving people stuff that make u feel alive

    86. ÍŚÓ_DEVYT

      I am can I


      They are so lucky.

    88. aiden has aidsz

      Donald’s weird

    89. • Cat •

      I’ve lost an arm wrestle using two hands against one before... i feel you Karl

    90. haze maniac

      No way! It's David the Baker (the 2nd contestant)

    91. Yisel Osorio

      I wish I was but I’m only 10

    92. Aleezay Hameed2012

      I am a subscriber I lives in Pakistan my age is 9

    93. HoodieTheLemon

      Karl really said, “I’m a sticky boi”

    94. SpyGamesYT


    95. Lilly Brandenburg

      bro the last guy had to work for that 25k

    96. Jameeson Williams

      7:08 when da boys ask if u wanna make out 🥰

    97. Jameeson Williams

      9:37 😂

    98. Jackie Tacad

      plz i am a sub

    99. Robert Ponce

      Hope you pick me🥺